The Little Grey Film

A documentary that digs up the hidden truths of greyhound racing and adoption. Stay tuned for the film's release, after selling out premieres around the world.

'Bad Publicity' acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.


Through a series of candid interviews with politicians, rescue organisations and foster carers, a curious dog owner discovers the horrors of the greyhound racing industry, and the wonders of adopting a pet greyhound.

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Through ticket sales and fundraising, The Little Grey Film is has raised and donated over $20,000 to the following charities:

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  • Friends of the Hound - Logo
  • Greyt Greys Rescue Inc - Logo
  • Greyhound Rescue - Logo
  • Paws For Change - Logo
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  • Sulala Animal Rescue

Past Events

  • 1st March - 9th March 2024
    The Little Grey Film Encore!

    Film + music video. Your ticket will be emailed to you containing links to watch at any time between the 1st - 9th March.

  • 26th January 2024
    Global Online Premiere

    Join us from wherever you are!

  • 29th October 2023
    Gold Coast Premiere

    With Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds + Friends of the Hound

  • 2nd December 2023
    Melbourne Premiere

    With Greyt Greys Rescue + Georgie Purcell - Animal Justice Party

  • 7th Dec 2023
    Adelaide Premiere

    With Paws For Change + Greyhound Welfare Initiative

  • 13th January 2024
    Sydney Premiere

    With Greyhound Rescue

  • 20th January 2024
    Perth Premiere

    With Free The Hounds


Bright International Film Festival 2023 - Finalist
Rome Outkast Independent Film 2023 - Official Selection
S.O.F.A Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection
Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival - Official Selection
International World Film Awards - Official Selection
Independent International Shorts Awards - Honourable Mention



"The Little Grey Film is a gorgeous short film that finds a way to beautifully balance exposing the horrors of greyhound racing with the growing hope for the end of the industry. It will leave you wanting to adopt a sweet, “goofy” greyhound."

This excellent short film by Indy Davies gives a revealing insight into the plight and fate of many of the Greyhounds enmeshed in the Greyhound racing industry of Australia. The statistical facts of Greyhound racing with regard to the welfare of the hounds involved need to be widely known, and this film definitely helps in that regard. The numerous interviews in the film show the dedication and compassion of the Greyhound rehoming and adoption organisations and the very worthwhile job they are doing. I thoroughly recommend you take a look. It is well worth watching, especially if you are thinking of rehoming one of these wonderful gentle creatures.

"A huge thank you to Indy Davies for The Little grey Film. Greyhounds are such a quiet, gentle loving breed, that deserves kindness. I found it informative and inspiring, I now want to adopt a greyhound! RidersForDogs have started sending to the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds some financial support. Money raised with the help of dog loving motorcyclists 🥰."

What an extraordinary film. It's a greyhound love story. I love the way you've kept the greyhounds front and centre all the way through. And the contrast between these beautiful, goofy dogs and the cynical horror of the racing industry is so stark and compelling. Aren't all the people wonderful, every word so articulate and heartfelt. There's a great balance to the messaging: political, social, ethical, emotional. I just loved it, have to go and watch it again now. I was telling the others you sent to the video to that I remember the first day we heard from you. You said you were an independent filmmaker with a rescue grey and a deep love of greyhounds. That was a great day for us and an even better one for the dear greyhounds.

THANK YOU to you Indy (and crew) and the amazing cast of rescuers and advocates who contributed to the making of this thought provoking film to help strengthen the voice of our precious hounds🙏 Indy, thank you for bringing these warriors together and creating this powerful educational tool which I truly believe should be shown in schools….to plant seeds of compassion in the hearts of our young people.

Human cast

Indy Davies Portrait

Indy Davies

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Georgia Purcell

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Amy Macmahon

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Lisa White

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Wendy Little

Annie Hendley Portrait

Annie Hendley

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Mikael Wedemeyer

Jess Briskie Portrait

Jess Briskie

Janna Imperial Portrait

Janna Imperial

Canine cast

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Tutti Frutti

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Indy Davies

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  • Director & Editor
    Indy Davies
  • Director of Photography
    Brodie Ramsay and Ella Tubman
  • First Assistant Camera
    Jamie Lee Tipo
  • Color Grade
    Peachy Keen Colour
  • Music
    The Ded Bets
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